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    We typically partner with clients to deliver earnings improvements of 20-30% over a nine months time frame. Our track record is unmatched in the consulting industry: 20 years and over 2,000 projects around the globe that have delivered documented performance improvements of well over 20%.
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    Our strategy combines our broad global perspective and economic insight with executive experience ranging from operations optimization to corporate and business unit strategy. Our recommendations are practical and grounded in actual operating experience of many of our consultants.
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    The power of Big Data lies in uncovering actionable and profitable insights by combining company internal data with public and social media and purchased databases and applying sophisticated machine learning technology. Most companies have only scratched the surface of this vast opportunity.
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    Some clients require ongoing, “light-touch” analytical support to make important initiatives work. Because we partner with our client to achieve lasting success, we often supplement client resources for analytically intensive tasks in a low-cost onshore / offshore model.